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Sunday, July 17, 2011

main game 'snake' melalui youtube

hari nie tgh duk selongkar2 info dlm internet tibe2 akoo terjmpe suatu info yg bkal mengegar dunia.....hahaha dasat gitu.....tjuk die 'play snake in youtube'.....korng tau kn game snake kn?? spe2 yg bese gne nokia 3310 n sewaktu dgnnye msti tau game snake berpegang kpd prinsip 'sharing is caring' akoo pn post ler entri nie.....hehehe

1. buke je ape2 video dlm youtube
2. pause video tuu
3. tekan 'left arrow' (dlm 3 saat memadai)
4. tekan 'up arrow'
5. bleh dh men game

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cara untuk 'disable right click' dlm blog anda

atas permintaan my dear frenz, tips nie untk anda.....hope ianya mnjadi panduan yg berguna buat anda....hahaha....ayat buku gitu....klu ade ape2 pertanyaan atau kutukan silalah komen yep....have a nice day.....

tips yg sy brikan ini disertakan dgn pic.....untk paparan yg lebih jelas sila click pd pic yep...

1. mule2 login dlu....then gi kt design>page element so dpt paparan mcm kt gmbar nie
2. click add gadget

3. pilih gadget HTML/ Java scrip

4. copy dan paste kod nie pada ruangan 'content'

<script language=JavaScript>

//Disable right mouse click Script
//By Maximus ( w/ mods by DynamicDrive
//For full source code, visit

var message="Function Disabled!";

function clickIE4(){
if (event.button==2){
return false;

function clickNS4(e){
if (document.layers||document.getElementById&&!document.all){
if (e.which==2||e.which==3){
return false;

if (document.layers){
else if (document.all&&!document.getElementById){

document.oncontextmenu=new Function("alert(message);return false")

// -->

5. tingalkan kosong pd ruangan 'title'
6. pada perkataan yg di'highlight anda boleh mengubah paparan masej mengikut kehendak anda
7. click save

8. ok selesai.....pada paparan home cube right click....paparan spt ini akn kelihatan.....SUCCESS!!!

SELAMAT MENCUBA DAN SELAMAT........selamat ape lg yea??? selamat 'try'......hehe

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 10 DSLR camera

kamera lensa refleks tunggal digital (digital SLR atau DSLR) adalah kamera digitalyang menggunakan sistem mekanikal dan pentaprism cermin untuk mengarahkancahaya dari lensa pemidang tilik optik di belakang kamera.
Kamera profesional DSLR adalah penting untuk jurugambar serius. Dari top-of-the-lineresolusi sepenuhnya tetapan disesuaikan, dSLRs profesional menggabungkan fungsi dan prestasi untuk mewujudkan kualiti foto profesional dengan setiap 'snap'.

Nie list top 10 yg sy dpt drpd internet....hopefully dpt mmbantu mrk2 yg ingin memilih camera yg check it out....

10. Canon EOS 50D

· Resolution 14.6 MP

· Continuous Shooting Speed 6.5 fps

· Battery Life 620 shots

· LCD Screen Size 3 in.

· Warranty 1 year

· Focal Length 18mm – 55 mm

· Max Shutter Speed 1/8000 sec

· Memory CF.

9. Olympus E-30

· New 12MP LiveMOS sensor (E-3: 10.1 MP)

· Brighter and larger LCD screen

· E-30 has a mode dial

· Art Filters, multiple exposures, aspect ratio options and lots of scene modes

· No card door lock, no eyepiece shutter

· Glass fiber reinforced plastic vs weatherproof magnesium alloy body shell

· Slightly (8mm) shorter and around 115g lighter

· Slightly smaller viewfinder with reduced frame coverage

· AF fine tuning for up to 20 lenses (and per AF point!)

· Built-in digital level guage

· Contrast detect (Imager) AF with face detection

· Slightly reduced raw buffer size (12 frames)

· Adds vertical panning mode to stabilizer (IS3

8. Pentax K-7

· 14.6 MP

· 720p/1536 x 1024 HD video recording

· Smaller magnesium/steel alloy body

· Revised viewfinder (less magnified but with greater coverage)

· Updated sensor with four-channel readout

· 3.0″ VGA (920,000 dot) LCD

· New shutter mechanism with 1/8000th shutter speed

· Faster continuous shooting (up to 5.2 fps)

· 77 segment exposure metering sensor

· Revised autofocus algorithms

· AF illumination lamp

· New dust removal system

· HDMI output

· New dedicated ISO button

· Distortion and chromatic aberration correction for DA and DFA lenses (also available in RAW conversion using supplied software)

· Adjustable dynamic range highlight and shadow correction

· Three-shot in-camera HDR capture

· Electronic level indicator

· Composition adjustment (Uses the SR system to reposition the sensor to fine-tune composition)

7. Olympus E-3

· New sensor (10MP Live MOS vs 5MP CCD) and latest TruPic III processor

· Live view

· Sensor-shift image stabilization

· All-new autofocus system (11-point AF, claimed to be world’s fastest with certain zoom lenses)

· Faster continuous shooting, bigger buffer

· Higher top shutter speed (1/8000 sec) and higher flash sync speed (1/250 sec)

· Improved viewfinder (bigger, brighter)

· Bigger, higher resolution vari angle screen

Masses more customization options

6. Nikon D5000

· 12.9 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor (effective pixels: 12.3 million)

· 2.7″ tilt and swivel LCD monitor (230,000 dots)

· Movie capture at up to 1280 x 720 (720p) 24 fps with mono sound

· Live View with contrast-detect AF, face detection and subject tracking

· Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)

· 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)

· IS0 200-3200 range (100-6400 expanded)

· 4 frames per second continuous shooting (buffer: 7 RAW, 25 JPEG fine, 100 JPEG Normal)

· Expeed image processing engine

· Extensive in-camera retouching including raw development and straightening

· Connector for optional GPS unit (fits on hot shoe)

· New battery with increased capacity

72 thumbnail and calendar view in playback

5. Nikon D90

· 12.9 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor (effective pixels: 12.3 million)

· 3.0-inch 920,000 pixel (VGA x 3 colors) TFT-LCD (same as D3 and D300)

· Live View with contrast-detect AF, face detection

· Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)

· Illuminated focus points

· Movie capture at up to 1280 x 720 (720p) 24 fps with mono sound

· IS0 200-3200 range (100-6400 expanded)

· 4.5 frames per second continuous shooting (buffer: 7 RAW, 25 JPEG fine, 100 JPEG Normal)

· Expeed image processing engine

· 3D tracking AF (11 point)

· Short startup time, viewfinder blackout and shutter lag

· Slightly improved viewfinder (96% frame coverage)

· Extensive in-camera retouching including raw development and straightening

· Improved user interface

· New optional compact GPS unit (fits on hot shoe)

· Same battery and vertical grip as D80

· Vignetting control in-camera

· 72 thumbnail and calendar view in playback

4. Nikon D300S


· 13.1 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor (effective pixels: 12.3 million)

· 720p HD video

· 3.0″ LCD monitor (920,000 dots)

· Image sensor cleaning (sensor shake)

· 51 AF points (with 3D tracking)

· IS0 200-3200 range (6400 expanded)

· 7 frames per second continuous shooting (buffer: 17 RAW, 44 JPEG fine, 100 JPEG Normal)

· Expeed image processing

· Picture Controls – image parameters consistent with all current Nikon DSLRs

· Same EN-EL3e battery as D300

· 72 thumbnail view in playback

· 14-bit A/D conversion

· Super fast operation (power-up 13 ms, shutter lag 45 ms, black-out 100 ms)

· Shutter life 150,000 exposures

· Multi-CAM3500DX Auto Focus sensor (51-point, 15 cross-type, more vertical coverage)

· Auto-focus tracking by color (using information from 1005-pixel AE sensor)

· Auto-focus calibration (fine-tuning) now available (fixed body or up to 20 separate lens settings)

· Scene Recognition System (uses AE sensor, AF sensor)

· Picture Control image parameter presets (replace Color Modes I, II and III)

· Custom image parameters now support brightness as well as contrast

· Compact Flash UDMA support

· Live View with either phase detect (mirror up/down) or contrast detect Auto Focus

· HDMI HD video output

· ‘Active D-Lighting’ (adjusts metering as well as applying D-Lighting curve)

· Detailed ‘Control Panel’ type display on LCD monitor, changes color in darkness

· New MB-D10 vertical grip fully integrates into body, multi battery type compatible

· Buttons sealed against moisture

3. Canon EOS 7D

· 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor

· 8 frames per second continuous shooting

· 1080p HD video recording with manual controls

· 3.0 inch Clear View II LCD screen with 920,000 dots

· 19-point AF system (all cross-type)

· 1.0x magnification and 100% coverage viewfinder

· Wireless flash control

· Environmental sealing

2. Sony Alpha a850

· 24.6 MP 35mm format full-frame CMOS sensor (still the highest res in class)

· SteadyShot INSIDE full frame image sensor shift stabilization (world first)

· Dual Bionz processors

· Eye-level glass Penta-prism OVF, 98% coverage, 0.74x magnification

· 9 point AF with 10 assist points, center dual-cross AF w/2.8 sensor

· 3 frames per second burst

· 3 User programmable custom memory modes on mode dial

· Advanced Dynamic Range Optimizer (5 step selectable)

· 40 segment honeycomb metering

· 3.0″ 921K pixel Photo Quality (270 dpi) LCD display, 100% coverage

· Direct HDMI output

· ISO 200-3200 (ISO 100-6400 expanded range)

· User interchangeable focusing screens (3 options)

· CF Type I/II and MS slots, LI-ION battery, STAMINA 880 shots

· Weight 850g (without battery, card, accs)

· Optional vertical Grip

· Magnesium Alloy body and rubber seals for dust and moisture resistance

· AF micro adjustment

1. Canon EOS 5D Mark II

· New 21.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with improved EOS Integrated Cleaning System (E.I.C.S.)

· New Full HD 1080 resolution movie recording

· 3.9 frames per second continuous shooting

· High performance DIGIC 4 providing superb image quality

· Maximum 310 large JPEG images in a single burst with a UDMA card

· 3.0” VGA (920k dots) Clear View LCD

· ISO 100-6400 (expansion from 50 up to 25,600)

· 9 AF points + 6 Assist AF points

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